Want to do even more?

More Than Bars, Inc gets bigger each day. It's clear that there is a need for it in the Greater Phoenix area. With expansion comes work, and we need help to keep giving the Community the programs and services it deserve!


Our volunteer leadership involves the Board of Directors and the following:

-Program Coordinator, The Core

-Program Coordinator, The Retreat

-Program Coordinator, The Wishing Well

-Program Coordinator, The Oasis

-Program Coordinator, The Bridge

-Data Analyst, Diversity and Inclusion

-Innovation and Creativity Specialist, Sr

-Graphic Design and Creation Specialist, Sr

-Social Media Engagement Specialist, Sr

Want to apply?

Send resume to info@MoreThanBars.org and we'll set-up an interview time!

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Currently Available To View

The Core
The Wishing Well
Revolutionary Data Explorer, Diversity and Inclusion
Graphic Design and Creation Specialist, Sr
Board Member: Treasurer
General Board Member
Board Member: Secretary
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